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Account related questions

How to register

Usually you are automatically registered by LEO-NET when you become a member of LEO-NET. Additionally you can register at JOEplus by your own. After a positive verification you will get from LEO-NET the necessary ticket to post offers. Registration is without any costs and does not oblige to post offers.

Log in

Log in is done in the header section of JOEplus. Your user name is the e-mail address you submitted to us when you registered. The original password was sent to you at the named e-mail address. After a successful log-in, you will be directed to "Overview" from where you can access all features of JOEplus.

Amend account data

Your account data can be checked and amended at "Administration" ; "Master data". Please keep in mind that changes of your master data might affect data of your currently published offers. In the case that you need a new e-mail address as user name, please write an e-mail to, name us your future e-mail address and verify yourself by giving us your company-ID as saved under master data. We will then change your user name.

Delete account

You can delete your account at "Administration" by clicking on the "Delete account" button. This will start the process and after a few steps you are again without account at JOEplus. Please keep in mind that all your currently published offers will also be deleted.