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Some basics on offers at JOEplus

Things to keep in mind

LEO-NET and all participating universities or UETPS have a full commitment into high quality placements. We verify every offer for a training placement before we publish it at JOEplus, but we can not exclude that in very rare cases an offer is published that does not match our internal standards. Please feel free to inform us if you find any information that might indicate such a "false" offer. Most up-to-date offers are listed at top of the list, you can easily check the date of publication at the most right column of the list view of offers. We can not guarantee that in every case a listed offer is still available, but we delete all offers automatically after 90 days running time. Please feel free to contact by e-mail or telephone the named contact person to make sure that the offer is still open. For any information how to apply correctly please contact the institution in charge at your university, usually the Career Service / Career Center of your university will be the address to contact.