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Good to know 

How to post an offer

Offer posting is limited to LEO-NET members. Posting an offer is done online by the member himself. JOEplus guides you in a few steps through the whole process, which starts in your Account under Editorial Office or from Home respectively Offer posting.


The text you enter will be automatically be formatted, correct formatting of the content is automatically done by the system and creates an offer in a standardized design. Additionally, you have the possibility to upload your logo to give your offer an individual touch. Make sure that you choose a logo which is in GIF, JPG or PNG format, as other formats are not supported by JOEplus.


Publishing an offer is possible at 24 hours, 7 days a week, only a valid ticket is necessary to put your offer online.


The running time of an offer is 90 days, after this time the offer will be set into an offline status. With a new ticket you have the possibility to activate the offer again for another 90 days. It is possible to determine an automatic launching date in the future and it is also possible to deactivate an offer manually before the scheduled time.


You can modify the text of your offer as often as you want, only a few fields like title and subtitle are locked against amendments.


Furthermore, it is possible to deactivate an offer before the scheduled time (of 30 days) manually, but please keep in mind, that an once deactivated offer needs always a new ticket to be activated again.


The use of JOEplus is free of charge for LEO-NET members. Tickets will be delivered on demand without any cost by the LEO-NET. Tickets for JOEplus are exclusively dedicated to the members of LEO-NET. It is not permitted to hand over tickets to a third party, neither against payment nor as a gift.

Offers posted in the name of a third party

You have as LEO-NET member the choice whether to publish an offer completely in your name, which means that candidates do not see the name of the institution/company where the traineeship will take place, or to publish the offer alternatively under the name of the company. If you choose the second option, you can further select whether the candidates get your data for making an application or directly the contact data of the person in charge at the training company.