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All about tickets

How to order tickets

Tickets are handed out exclusively to members of LEO-NET. You can order tickets for free directly from your account at Ticket Request or just write an e-mail at to get new tickets for free whenever you need some. New tickets will be delivered to your account and are listed at Administration; "Tickets".


Tickets for JOEplus are exclusively dedicated to the members of LEO-NET. It is not permitted to hand over tickets to a third party, neither against payment nor as a gift. Tickets for JOEplus are also only valid for JOEplus and can not be used in any other portals of our partner Stellenticket.


A ticket automatically becomes invalid after one year, within that year, you can use the ticket to post an offer. You can check the invalidation date in your account under the point Administration; "Tickets".
The running time of an offer is 90 days, after this time the offer will be set into an offline status. With a new ticket you have the possibility to activate the offer again for another 90 days.